Read More About The Interview Below Between Etienne Crete And Chris Weston!

Not All Traders Are Born Equal

The thought process in which Chris outlines in his interview with Etienne Crete is something which a lot of traders will be able to relate with.

What you will find most enlightening, if you are anything like me is that many traders, will trade their PL. This means that you are trading based on your profit and losses, instead what Chris talks about is how you should be focusing on what the market is actually telling you.

This does require a mindset shift.

Shift The Mindset, For Success

But, once the shift has taken place you will find that you will start to maximise those trades which are profitable.

Whether you are completely new to trading or have been trading consistently for a long time this video highlights that we all have areas we need to trade better.

Entering and exiting should be solely based on what the market gives you.

How long you hold a losing trade, how long you hold a winning trade, should all be based on the market.

Let The Market Tell You What To Do…

Chris mentions his thought process when entering a trade. His entry is always with an initial smaller lot, with the plan of adding to it IF HIS ANALYSIS is proven to be correct.

You are never going to get every single trade right. Sometimes your analysis on what is happening is wrong.

Technical Will Guide You

But to get to this point you need to understand what is going on in the market.

This has been highlighted to myself & all the guys at PIP Circle over and over again.

Once you start to truly grasp the technical skills and understand what the market is actually telling you, you will see improved results.